AquaSmart Solar Controller

Smarter By Degrees

The New Dontek AQUASMART Solar Controller                      

Introducing Dontek’s newest and most innovative solar controller range- AquaSmart. The AquaSmart range comprises state of the art technology and is quick and easy to install. Customer handover is a breeze with this smart controller displaying clear and simple information and no more confusing codes. Utilising its large back lit LCD module which can be easily seen in the bright of day or the dark of night, and with the simple button layout, makes it the most user friendly product of its kind.

Included features such as the new multi fit mounting bracket ensures a simple set up on any surface as well as robust industrial sensors offering the highest reliability and accuracy. The spooled roof sensor offers tangle free installation.

The AquaSmart range answers all of your installation and set-up demands ensuring maximum effectiveness for swimmers. AquaSmart is made and designed in Australia and is the market leader with a 3 year factory warranty.

AquaSmart – Smarter By Degrees

Why AquaSmart?

AquaSmart Brochure



  • Innovative Design
  • Vermin Resistant
  • Built in Clock with battery backup
  • Surge Protection
  • Auto sampling
  • Simple button configuration
  • Large back lit LCD module
  • Marine grade UV sensor cable
  • Lightning suppression
  • Anti freeze
  • Self diagnostic program
  • Winter mode
  • Tropical mode
  • Heavy duty Omron products
  • 3 year warranty
  • Australian made


AquaSmart RP (Remote Panel) and AquaSmart RB (Remote Battery)

All quality solar systems need to know when the sun is shining to start the system.

Dontek has a remote range which simplifies new installations and eliminates the need to find damaged wiring when upgrading or servicing.

Dontek has led this field after producing the first remote controller in 2002 which measures the roof temperature and transmits it to the controller.


Dontek pioneered the use of current detection and uses this technology for boosted systems, where the filter pump must be running before the solar pump is allowed to start.

The filter pump is simply plugged into the AquaSmart CD which detects that the filter pump is turned on. It then allows the solar pump to start if required.

The AquaSmart CD provides no complicated wiring, offers a simple setup, and avoids the overloading of chlorinators and timers.